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Super Deal Maker enables you to offer business consulting services without the need to establish your own infrastructure or find clients. We simplify the process of building management consulting services for SMEs by providing robust systems and tools that streamline operations.

If you possess a post-matric business qualification or its equivalent and are interested in joining our platform, please first create a bankable business plan. This plan will help potential clients understand your business and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how our platform operates.

Our Service Offerings

We provide business and management consultants with access to a vast network of SMEs seeking valuable partnerships. We simplify building a management consulting services for SMEs by providing robust systems and tools that streamline operations and access deal flow.:

  • Business Plans Platform: Creates professional and bankable business plans in minutes, complete with detailed financial projections. It assists business and management consultants in helping their clients secure funding and make strategic decisions.
  • Market Access Readiness Platform: Rates and lists SMEs, enhancing their credibility by ensuring they have the necessary technical capacity, comply with industry standards, and offer socio-economic benefits to customers.
  • Funding Readiness Platform: Guides SMEs through funding readiness assessments, due diligence processes, and helps attract potential funding opportunities.
  • Project Management Platform: The platform reduces execution risk for partners by offering SMEs an online tool that enhances their ability to plan, organise, and manage tasks, resources, and timelines efficiently. This enables them to achieve project goals within budget and on schedule, ensuring successful project completion.
  • Financial Statements Platform: Enables SMEs to generate GAAP-compliant financials in minutes, providing them with essential financial reports for performance monitoring, decision-making, and compliance.

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How does the platform works

Our platform is designed to help you succeed as a marketing partner. It provides you with the tools, resources, and tracking capabilities to effectively refer SMEs and funders to our services through:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensure an intuitive and straightforward platform design for easy navigation.
  • Marketing Resources Hub: Provide a central hub with ready-to-use marketing materials, creatives, and tracking tools.
  • Streamlined Referral Tracking: Implement a transparent referral tracking system for partners to monitor their referrals effortlessly.
  • Dedicated Support: Offer responsive support channels to assist partners with any questions or issues promptly.

Why Partner with Us

The platform provides tools that make it easy for business and management consultants to enter/grow the market and enhance the efficiency, professionalism, and ability to deliver value to clients of existing consultants. It also reduces risks and improves their competitive position in the consulting industry through:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Super Deal Maker offers a range of solutions that cover every stage of the business consultancy process. This includes tools for market research, project management, financial analysis, and more.
  • Revenue Sharing Model: Joining the platform allows you to list clients and earn competitive success fees and commissions for every SME funded or supported through the platform.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Present your clients with professionalism and expertise by utilizing our advanced platforms.
  • Networking: Building a broad network of contacts in your industry is essential for sourcing deals, attracting clients, and staying updated on market developments.
  • Support and Training: Access our extensive library of marketing resources and receive dedicated training to excel as a marketing partner. We are here to support your efforts.

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